Sunday, April 7, 2013

"Ultimate Comics Woverine #1" Plot Summary - Legacies part 1

Writer: Cullen Bunn

(Read an interview with Cullen Bunn about his work on Ultimate Wolverine.)
Ultimate Comics Wolverine #1 cover by Arthur Adams
Ultimate Comics Wolverine #1 cover by Arthur Adams

Years ago, Logan (aka James Howlett, aka Wolverine) was working with a security organization to take out Mothervine. He finds Mothervine as a state senator from Missouri makes a public appearance. A professor whispers something into a little girl's ear and she immediately begins manifesting the power to make and control solid light. She attacks the senator as the senator's security team, as well as Wolverine's move in.

Wolverine orders his team not to harm the girl and stops the senator's team from shooting her. When she snaps out of it, Wolverine orders his team to take her into custody while he tracks down the professor. Someone else (who looks like the Scarlet Witch and talks about magic), however, has already found and killed the professor.

Now, Jimmy Hudson, Wolverine's son, is watching the holo-recording of Wolverine that Kitty originally gave him when Wolverine died. As he's watching, Garab Bashur (Black Box) tells him that there's another signal under the recording. He brings it out and it says "Mother is calling her children home."

Jimmy and Black Box leave Utopia to follow the hidden signal and find out what it means.

Meanwhile, Quicksilver begins killing people associated with Mothervine.

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